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Bug Detection




(1) Russian Raska Bug Detector(1) Russian Raska Bug Detector

The World's BEST pocket bug detection RF Digital Device!
Picks up all digital and analogue frequencies.  

Price - Contact us for Pricing
3G, GSM Signal Suppression Bag3G, GSM Signal Suppression Bag

3G, GSM Signal Suppresion Bag is designed for blocking all wireless frequencies coming in and out. Including Spy Phone Software. 

Price - $60.00 AUD (inc. GST in Australia)
Bug PingerBug Pinger

NEW!!This detector is a triple mode detector with a pinger mode. Pinger mode works like the sonar of a submarine.  

Price - $1100.00 AUD (inc. GST in Australia)
Colour Wireless Camera ScannerColour Wireless Camera Scanner

Watch Big Brother Watch You!
Scans commonly used Video Frequencies in seconds and detects any video transmissions in the area. You would not believe how many cameras you'll find! 

Price - $850.00 AUD (inc. GST in Australia)
Digital & Analogue Bug Detector Digital & Analogue Bug Detector

New Product!!
Detects Wifi, Wlan, Bluetooth, Cell Phones.
Also Detects wireless cameras and other analogue frequencies. 

Price - $220.00 AUD (inc. GST in Australia)
Personal Bug DetectorPersonal Bug Detector

This device can detect wireless CCTV cameras, audio bugs, wireless phone taps and Cellphones from 50MHz ~ 3.0GHz. 

Price - $180.00 AUD (inc. GST in Australia)
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