Workplace Theft

One of the most common types of fraud is lying on timesheets claiming overtime or hours not worked. This tends to be more common in industries involving shift work or irregular hours. A recent study found that 14 per cent of employees had a history of dishonesty with previous employers. Other types of fraud can include faking work place injuries to claim workers compensation payments, wasting food and stealing stock in shops.

Its found that 62 per cent of retail employees have stolen from their employers. It has been estimated that 1 in 17 incidents of police reported crime relate to employee theft while 1 in 5 related to shoplifting.

One of the strategies Camtek suggests in fighting fraud and theft is video surveillance. Video surveillance can help identify and significantly reduce an array of threats such as, time sheet fraud, fake work place injuries and internal and external theft or stock shrinkage. Other advantages that video surveillance brings include; increased work performance, better staff management, clarity to public liability issues and inventory control.

If theft or shrinkage is typically 3 percent of turnover, how much is theft or fraud costing you and what are you doing about it?


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